The Star genesis and Stelliferous era

The importance of stellar physics

The stars are landmarks of the universe.

Before there was light

The Dark ages

The dark matter detection

Stelliferous era

The star formation

From clumps to the protostar

Angular momentum, nuclear fusion, and IR

The main sequence stars

Steps of star formation

  • Out of the molecular cloud many gas clumps form. These clumps have irregular shapes and due to angular momentum, they form a spherical shape. With the rotation motion, they form into a sphere. This initial star had very little mass and it is not very densely concentrated.
  • The nearby matter(fragmented gas clouds/bits and material) keeps on falling/ getting attracted to the gas clump(future protostar). Most of the attracted matter increases the star’s mass but some also give rise to planets or can turn into the comet, asteroid.
  • As the matter keeps on falling the mass of protostar keeps on increasing. Temperature and pressure keep on increasing and the temperature of its core reaches the point of IR radiation. In this, we can detect the protostar in spite of it being invisible.
  • The birth of the main sequence star is quite an event. Protostar spins rapidly, to begin with, but after the collapsing of the star, this formation spins even faster increasing the temperature even more. There is a simple physics behind it. The more molecular clouds get contracted the denser and smaller they get and the faster they spin. A mature star is denser and smaller than a protostar.
  • When nucleosynthesis starts in the star it stops collecting the nearby matter and excess matter excrete out by the jets of matter from both poles of the star.

T-Tauri star phase

Steps of formation:

Brown dwarf

A pseudo star with no light

The first stars

Population 1 and 2 stars

Death of a star

The transition into a red giant

White dwarf

Supernova explosion

Neutron stars

Black holes

The future of the cosmos

As one star sinks behind the horizon, another comes into the picture.



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