The oxidation event: blessing or catastrophe ⋆ TheScientificRevelation

The back story of oxidation

The photosynthesis

The science of biomarker

With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you are connected to the sea. No matter where on earth you live. Most of the oxygen in the atmosphere is generated by the sea.

Sylvia Earle

What caused the rise in oxygen levels?

The escape route of hydrogen

The aftermath of oxygen increment

The emergence of complex life

Death and Ice age

The mechanism of oxidation event

Oxygen- a very Reactive gas

Iron rust and clear ocean

The physics behind Huronian glaciation

The disappearance of GHGs

The life under Snow

A short summary

The photosynthesis and iron

Increased productivity and temperature drop

In the end- Glaciation


  1. That time when oxygen almost killed everything by PBS Eon is the shortest and most informative video on this topic, covering every aspect of the Oxidation event.
  2. Very informative workshop by European Geoscience Union explaining the great oxidation event with maximum details. It has simple engaging content. Give it a try.
  3. A very detailed post on the great Oxidation event by BBC earth.
  4. Another great youtube resource to check out How cyanobacteria took over the world.
  5. The major information for this blog post had come from Podcast Common decent’s “The great oxidation event”.

I remember as a boy of 17 years of age, it was a fascinating thing for me: how we human being breathes out carbon dioxide into the air, the leaves of plants pick this carbon dioxide up, and the plants give up oxygen, which we can breathe in and keep our life going.

Percy Julian



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