The development of human Consciousness

It made me excited to think that how the development of human consciousness has shaped our present and how it has made us very different from other apes. Yes, there are very few differences in DNA but they had changed our whole outlook of the world.

The continental dispersal

What was so good in Asia?

Foragers to agricultural societies

Collaboration a key..

The apple of knowledge..

When there were history and stories…..

The dawn of civilizations..

The development of wisdom..

The science during Aristotle’s time was very different in comparison to Einstein’s time. The outlook of the universe had changed drastically from the 20th century to the 21st century. This process has been going on since the dawn of civilization. Few bloody brawls between villages developed into systematic and organizes battles where for winning generals had used the best of their abilities. These wars happened to win over states and people, women, and palaces. History is choke-full of these battles and they have reshaped empires and lifestyle. If a certain king won over the rival state, people are forced to change their beliefs and lifestyle. In this manner, whole cultures of cities have changed and lived on to future generations. Hagia Sofia was an orthodox church which due to ottoman invasion turned to a mosque. Now, this Byzantine marvel in Istanbul Turkey is a museum.

The present around us…

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