Plate tectonics and Continental drift ⋆ TheScientificRevelation

The history of plate tectonics

The mechanism of plate tectonics

How two tectonic plate interacts?

How tectonic plates move?

Seafloor spreading


The glimpse into the future

The composition of the earth and its relation with plate tectonics

  1. A well-detailed post on plate tectonics for Beginners by Live Science.
  2. A short and easy video on plate tectonics by Cary Graham.
  3. Two documentaries Naked science- Colliding continents and National Geographic- Lava driven world. Consider watching them if you want to know more in-depth about the topic in addition to its relation with other natural phenomena.
  4. A very detailed post by Britinaca on plate tectonics. Therefore, those of you who want details do refer to it.
  5. Another post on plate tectonics by National geographic.



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