Plate tectonics 3.0- A unique shapeshifting ⋆ TheScientificRevelation

Plate tectonics and natural disasters

Volcanic eruption

The formation of Volcanoes


How tectonic plates behave?

The mechanism of earthquake

The mechanism of Tsunami

How plate tectonics affect ocean circulation?

The tough life on Pangea and the outcome of its assemblage

How ocean currents are being shaped now?

Are there Tectonic movements on other worlds?

The mega moons and Europa

Journey out of the solar system

Do we need plate tectonics for life?

Giant landmasses, the differentiation of layers, Lava, and Earth

Geology of the inner Rocky world

Are Mega moons of gas giants a candidate for tectonism?

Life outside of the solar system


  1. A brilliant post on plate tectonics and volcanism by National Geographic.
  2. Refer to this post on is earth the only planet with plate tectonics by Howstuffworks?
  3. An easily understandable post on tectonic plates on other planets by The geological society.
  4. Tsunami generation- earthquake by NOAA. A simple and informative read.

The forces which displace continents are the same as those which produce great fold-mountain ranges. Continental drift, faults and compressions, earthquakes, volcanicity, transgression cycles, and polar wandering are undoubtedly connected causally on a grand scale. Their common intensification in certain periods of the earth’s history shows this to be true. However, what is the cause and what effect, only the future will unveil.

Alfred l. Wegener



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