Hominins from the bygone era……

The earliest hominins

Australopithecines, Ardi, and bipedalism

The origin of Bipedalism

The science behind early childbirth

The societal structure and early birth

List of hominins

The way to our big brains

The two prominent hypothesis

The lava flows and hominin evolution

South-African Endemism

South Africa- an evolutionary island

Homo genus(modern hominins from the bygone era)

Homo floresiensis

Homo rhodesiensis

Homo heidelbergensis


Homo antecessor

Homo ergaster

Homo habilis

Homo erectus



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Aayushi Tiwari

Aayushi Tiwari


Hey everyone. I am a bibliophile and love writing. I am trying to sharpen my hobby of writing regularly. I am always up for new things to learn.