Ediacaran Biota- is it a thing? ⋆ TheScientificRevelation

The Throwback to discoveries

Findings from the famous Ediacara hills

What took so long to accept these life forms?

An overview

The flashback of winter and condition on earth

Why life boomed in Ediacaran only?

What is so special about the Ediacaran biota?

An important disclaimer about Ediacaran biota

The misnomer of explosion

The misnomer of Ediacaran Biota

What is Ediacaran biota?

The physical dimension

Some notable species

The Ediacaran non- Ediacaran forms

How these organisms became extinct?

Breakup of supercontinent

The fight for survival

  1. The resource I want to share is a lecture from the Royal Tyrrel museum of paleontology. The title is The Ediacaran period- Glimpses of earth’s earliest animals. You may watch it, it’s very informative.
  2. Another brilliant lecture on Ediacaran life by Palaeo cast. Watch it.
  3. A post on Ediacaran life by The burgess shale, Royal Ontario Museum. There are lots of pictures and the simplest overview of fossils from the Ediacaran period.
  4. Two well-written research papers on the subject The advent of animals by the proceedings of the national academy of sciences of the USA and Ediacaran- an overview by The science direct.
  5. An honorable mention about Dickinsonia by PBS Eons. Must watch this video.



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