Carboniferous rainforest collapse and Pangaea ⋆ TheScientificRevelation

The transition from wet to dry

Life in the Carboniferous period

The rise of ammonites

Early climate

The rainforests

A new land

The stages of collapse

Rise of ferns

Seasonality and onset of colder climate

Why did the rainforest collapse happen?

The plants are the culprit…..

oxygen and ice cycle

Fall of sea level

The role of plate tectonics…

Pangaea assemblage and new environment

volcanoes and asteroids?

  1. The biggest inspiration and primary information of this post have come from The Carboniferous rainforest collapse of The Common decent podcast.
  2. You can watch this video for the most basic explanation of the Carboniferous period.
  3. In case you haven’t read the above-mentioned research paper here is another link. Read The tetrapod diversity flow after the rainforest collapse.
  4. Watch this video on the carboniferous periods’ plants and their distinctive characteristic.
  5. Read the post on Rainforest collapse by BBC.



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